The Dawn of a New Era: Goodbye 4G, Hello 5G & IoT!

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This article will not be complete without a summary of how it began from the advent of 1G up until 4G.

It all started with the first-generation mobile network (1G) which only gave access to voice communication. Then 2G followed suite with voice and texting option. In 2001, the introduction of 3G came with a big buzz with voice, texting, and a service no one had ever imagined could be added to a phone- Data. The 3G service which was greatly celebrated was short lived as companies were in a hurry to introduce something better and then came 4G.

4G had everything 3G had to offer but the differentiating factor between the 2 was speed, 4G had more speed in terms of voice calls, browsing, video streaming, live calls etc.

It is perceived that the superior connectivity offered by 5G promises to transform every sector you can think of 5G offers the possibility of innovations such as remote surgeries, telemedicine and even remote vital sign monitoring that could save lives.5G is the foundation for realizing the full potential of IoT.

For more insights on 5G and the future, this link below might help in your research.


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