An Extremely helpful and Informative Course

An extremely helpful and informative course, especially at this time when we haven’t fully resumed work because of the pandemic, this training was much needed to keep my mind and brain busy. Training materials were well organized and provided good case studies. Instructors were extremely professional and pleasant to learn from. Obehi and Adeshola were exceptional! Extremely knowledgeable, very clear, able to answer all questions well and provided relevant real life examples while making the whole training a really interactive one. I couldn’t have asked for better instructors for this course. Give these beautiful women a promotion!

I won’t forget the amazing job that Obaro did on Kickstarting the training on the first day with the topic “Emotional Intelligence. This training was very well done, which I attribute primarily to the instructors and secondarily to the quality materials. I feel better equipped to be the best customer service representative that I can ever be after completing the courses/training. This was my objective at the beginning.

Agwara Nene Johnson Front Desk Officer, Bua Group